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Below is a case study of a project I worked on as the Creative Director overseeing every element of design and branding to produce a coherent brand experience throughout the entire company.



Creative Director

Swanborough lakes consists of 12 luxury holiday lodges situated in the South Downs National Park.

I have overseen  every element of the brand design and operation

right through from initial concept to build and live customer experience.



Swanborough Lakes is a high end, luxury holiday park aimed primarily at couples.  Every aspect of the project needed to reflect the high end nature of the brand. The park must be seen as 'aspirational' and 'instagramable'. 

Through market research we could see that our break out age group was in fact the 18 - 30's. No longer looking for cheap and cheerful holidays the desirable for this age range is now a holiday that you can show off and post on social media, a holiday that feels 'exclusive'.

We needed to create the ultimate, modern and romatic getaway.

Some of the items that I drew up as initially essential to create this feel were:

Privacy, top quality products / electric goods, surround sound, super king size beds, luxury bedlinen, branded bathrobes and of course most importantly -

hot tubs!

2 logo
small for web white.png



The Swanborough Lakes logo needed to embody luxury life style, simplicity and romance. The swan's created the perfect reflection on the location name and using two of them invokes the idea of a couples holiday. The necks also form a heart shape to help illustrate this further. I used simple clean lines to help create the feel of modern aspirational living.

Swanborough Lakes Long Logo
Swanborough Lakes Logo

The brand colour needed to be both modern and aspirational. I took a colour palate across a range of dark greys into deep blues and ended up choosing a deep slate blue. 

This keeps the brand modern whilst still retaining a softness and personality

3 interior

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Brief - Luxurious, modern and as timeless as possible.

The design concept for the interior and exterior started with 'Scandinavian'. I wanted the exterior to look instantly high end yet simple using wood, steel and glass. The lodges are clad in larch which was chosen due to the fact that it changes colour as it oxygenates over time. This has enabled the lodges to blend into the landscape as per our planning brief.

For the Interiors I decided to go for two main different colour ways (dark and light) and then add individual personality and colour to each Lodge. The guests have loved this and always request their favourite lodge when returning. I added elements of luxury with the fabrics and products that I chose and elaborated even more on this idea for the one bed lodges as the ultimate romantic choice.

4 web
Screenshot 2022-10-13 at 17.55_edited.jpg



The web design for Swanborough Lakes needed to be Sleek, Functional and Easy to Use. The customer journey was key as I needed to entice in the customer whist quickly moving them through the site to the booking pages. There was also a large amount of infomation that I needed to include such as local info, lodge layout and extra options to name a few.

I used high quality photos and kept the site as simple as possible using only brand colours and fonts.

5 signage



Signage is key in communicating a brand and creating an immersive experience.

I wanted to keep the signage as low key as possible so that it felt as if it was blending into the background. I chose only the most essential signs and everything is fully branded from the individual lodge door decals to the 5 mile an hour signs and even the toilet sign in reception. Absolutely everything on site is using brand the brand colours, logo and fonts.

Swanborough Lakes Entrance Sign Design
Reception Door Mock Up
Lodge Door Mainifest Mock Up

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