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At the age of four I met the actor playing Electra at a Starlight Express show in London's West End. Apparently I was so blown away by his glam / punk rock costume design complete with mohawk and skates that I was never quite the same again.

I have always had an active imagination and a strong desire to create. From graphics and brand design to team building, bringing ideas into reality is ultimately what makes me tick.

Alongside my career as a creative designer I also  have over 18 years experience in the corporate live events industry, where I gained an invaluable understanding of how a simple brand or idea can be grown into a fully immersive experience. As a creative director I bring this understanding into all of my projects as I believe that the true strength in any brand is it's coherency throughout the entire project. 

There is no project too big or small. I have a collective of amazing freelance designers across all skill sets so please don't hesitate to contact me about any of your design ideas!
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